Somaliland is a warm country, a rich country. Rich in sharing, in generosity and in mutual support. We’ve resilience and ingenuity at our core. We’re a nation that’s built ourselves from the ground up, embracing technology and entrepreneurial thinking to make the kind of progress that was never thought possible.

But we still have many challenges to address that require significant investment to lay the foundations for economic growth, good health and prosperity. So, in the traditional Somaliland spirit of sharing, we’re here to help.

Our projects focus on improving education, health and infrastructure.



Raise the nation’s literacy level from 45% to 90%, because literacy unlocks all our potential. We’ll do this by helping one million young people and adults acquire literacy skills in the Somali language.


Help over 100,000 people develop the skills, attitude and confidence for employment and entrepreneurial success.


Improve the nation’s health by supporting better health education and provision.


Support innovative approaches to improving infrastructure.

it all starts with literacy

Literacy empowers us to fully participate in an increasingly digital world.

Literacy gives us full access to job and entrepreneurial opportunities, to higher levels of education and enfranchisement, to better family health and to fulfilling the potential of our innovative Somaliland character. 

Yet in Somaliland today more than one million young people and adults can’t read or write, and nearly a quarter of a million children are struggling to acquire basic literacy skills. But we’re ambitious for our people and that’s why our literacy targets are ambitious.



Our flagship education project is Daariz, a suite of free education apps, e-learning platforms and traditional learning resources that provide accessible and affordable learning opportunities for anyone.

We designed Daariz to remove common barriers to learning: barriers of cost, time, motivation and access. Through Daariz, learning is fun, convenient and motivational. It gives anyone a progressive pathway to full literacy, wherever their starting point. And, because Daariz supports learners with free or cheap smartphones to access Daariz resources, it’s open to everybody.

Books for Change

Books for Change’s mission is to bring the benefits and pleasures of reading to everyone in Somaliland and beyond.

Books for Change provides one million low-priced books a year, in partnership with Sahanbooks and Halabuur Publishing.  Sahanbooks is a chain of bookstores and an online bookshop that aims to make reading more affordable and enjoyable. Halabuur Publishing is a publishing house that publishes a wide range of digital and print books, affordable and accessible to everyone, in a range of languages.

Resources for Schools

Resources for Schools is a suite of digital and traditional educational resources especially designed for schools and colleges.


Good health makes everything possible. We want to help make life healthier, happier and safer for everyone through better healthcare. 

We’re committed to fighting health inequality, to improve sanitation, to provide access to high quality healthcare for all, and to champion health empowerment for women and girls.


We’re doing our bit by donating essential supplies of personal protective equipment, COVID-19 testing kits and technical support to the people in the front line of the pandemic.

Systems that help people flourish

We want to develop, scale up and improve the infrastructure systems that help people and communities to thrive.

We’ll be exploring ways we can help to improve the quality, availability and affordability of water supplies, to improve road and rail networks, to maximise the potential of the digital network and to make the work of emergency response teams easier, safer and more effective.


The Sahamiye Foundation is the dream of Hargeisa entrepreneurs Ismail Ahmed and Hayat Arteh. In Somaliland tradition, their passion is to share their resources and expertise to help their community.

”My heart and my home is Somaliland. I want to use what I know and what I have to give back to my people.”
– Ismail Ahmed